• "The Mountain"
  • "Waterfall National Park"
  • "Playground Lake Moananui"
  • "Rural Mailbox Stack"
  • "Classic Car"


I am an amateur photographer who just likes to take photos, I take many different types of photos Landscape, Panoramas, Special Panoramas with zoom features, Wacky series of images such as my Mail Box and Town Clock series, along with Portraits, Street Scene images, Vehicles, Abandoned Buildings, General Architecture, almost a case of you name it I will shoot it..
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paper Machine

I also have digitised a large number of Historic Images from the NZFP archieves. These cover an interesting period in the life of the Kinleith Industrial site.
You can find these images listed in the projects tab above

I also operate a live Weather Reporting website with the Weather Station being located on Colsons Hill, The website reports current conditions, historical weather conditions and has a very good local forcast.

Another site of mine is Tokoroa Info, and eclectic collection of all things Tokoroa and Districts. This site acts as the base location of all my website activity. Feel free to contact me if you have anything that could be added to this site.