3 D Panoramas

These panoramas can be scrolled and zoomed in on to display close up details.

CHH/NZFP Archive Photos

Digitised photos from the CHH/NZFP archives. Lots of history here.

General Photography

A selections of all sorts of images. A very diverse range of images grouped into sets

Tokoroa Club Inc Photos

Photos I have taken for the Tokoroa Club Inc. Arranged by event.

Town Clock Series

A collection of Town Clocks from my travels, each Town clock shows on a Geo Location map

Mail Boxes Series

Quirky Mail Boxes from my travels, Each Mail Box shows on a Geo Location map

Tokoroa Takeaway Foods

Locations of the 31 current takeaways in Tokoroa

Talking Poles

Tokoroas Aclaimed Totem Poles