Tokoroa Takeaways Food

For the purpose of this excersise the rules were;
1. The business had to be primarly a food service business which offered its product as a Take Away Option
2. Service stations were basically excluded by rule 1 but do generally have a Takeaway service now
3. Take Away options did not have to be the businesses primary food service but had to be an option.

In 2007 when I did this excersise there were 32 takeaways for a population of 15000 a ratio of 1 takeaway for each 469 people.
This year we have 31 takeaways for a population of 16000 a ratio of 1 takeaway for each 516 people.
The change in the ratio is mainly due to population increase as we have 31 takeaways now compared to the 32 in 2007. The most memoriable demise of course is the Pie Cart others have ceased as well to be replaced by the usual suspect Franchise operatiors
A noteable change is in the increase in the chain/franchise operation here now and the much greater ethnic diversity in choice of food type. Ethnic additions include Turkish Kebab, Noodles and Thai.
Franchise Opeperations (in No Particular Order)

  • McDonalds
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • * Robert Harris
  • * Subway
  • Ronnies
  • Bakehouse
  • * Pizza Hut
  • * Noodle Kitchen
  • * Relatively recent additions to Tokoroa

Tokoroa Takeaway Foods

Photo & Locations of the 31 current takeaways in Tokoroa

E & EO Feel free to email me about any I have missed